Eric Monda


EMM-Headshot-Formal-WebEric Monda has been with ADNET Technologies since 2006. Eric joined the team as a System Specialist and spent several years working with clients in the field in that capacity. Ultimately, his passion for security led him to transition into the role of IT Security Analyst at ADNET. Eric has advanced experience with many technologies across a broad range of industries and makes it a priority to stay informed about new trends and threats that could potentially impact clients.

As a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Cisco Certified Network Associate in Security, Eric focuses on vulnerability scanning (looking for weaknesses inside networks), penetration testing (attacking weaknesses in a network), performing risk assessments, providing Security Awareness Training, and ensuring the overall security of clients’ networks. He enjoys working with clients to help mitigate risks to their business and remediate security issues as needed.