Shawn Reilly

ShawnReillyWhen organizations are faced off with the complex task of securing their data, networks and applications many decisions take place on who, what, when, where, why and how. Shawn’s 16 years of experience in technology has seasoned him into a sales leader that helps companies make these decisions.  He also demonstrates a keen ability to assess the marketplace and uncover how customers need to deploy solutions to solve needs.  Additionally, he excels at educating team members on complex products to ensure they are well educated about the service offerings and associated value SonicWALL brings to customers.

Shawn is currently the Regional Sales Director for SonicWALL Northeast previously owned by Dell where he has spent the last 5 years of his career. Prior to this he held positions at Brocade Communications, Array Networks and Lincoln Computer Services.  Shawn graduated from W Tresper Clark High School in Westbury, NY where he grew up with his one sibling Bryan.  He went on to attend Nassau Community College studying Business Law and Administration.  Shawn lives in Hicksville, NY with his 4 children and wife Yola.  When not helping his team help customers solve problems you will most likely find him playing with the kids, reading, boating, golfing and or managing the many personalities in the household.