Hartford 2017 Agenda

WorkSmart Hartford 2017 was held at the Connecticut Convention Center on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 from 7:30am-5:00pm.

7:30AM – 8:30AM
Breakfast and Registration

8:30AM – 9:00AM 
Opening Remarks

9:00AM – 10:00AM
Keynote Presentation

Confronting Cybersecurity Threats: An Action Plan for Connecticut
Speaker: Arthur House, Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer for the State of Connecticut

Connecticut and the rest of the United States lives in a world increasingly digital and dangerous. The digital world, built for speed, access and information sharing is simultaneously open and vulnerable.  The technology that has profoundly changed communications and operations can be penetrated and compromised, presenting threats to our government and economy but also to our health and our lives.

Global connection means that cyber threats can come from nation states or individuals anywhere. Cyber activity has become a weapon deployed in conjunction with other military activity and can be used to shut down critical infrastructure services.

Arthur House’s presentation will examine global and national cybersecurity threats and how they affect Connecticut. He will review Connecticut’s strategy and action plan to protect the state’s critical infrastructure and then discuss creation of a cybersecurity strategy for Connecticut with special attention on state and municipal government, private business, higher education and law enforcement.  His presentation will consider both prevention/defense and response/recovery should there be a cyber attack in Connecticut.

10:15AM – 11:00AM
Breakout Sessions

Proactive vs. Reactive: Managed IT Services
Speaker: Paul O’Donnell, Continuum

Seemingly everything is available as a subscription service today – meals, clothing, music, TV and more – so it’s no surprise that the IT industry is leading with Managed IT Services. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of IT as a recurring service, but are you aware of what you’re risking by dealing with your organization’s IT needs in a reactive manner? We invite you to bring your questions to this interactive session, where you’ll learn what Managed IT Services REALLY are, and how taking a proactive approach can keep your business running smoothly and minimize unexpected costs over time.

Physical and Digital Insecurity
Speakers: Heather Bearfield and Frank Rudewicz, Marcum LLP

Traveling and working remotely presents risks to not only individuals, but entire organizations. Have you ever checked your email while on vacation, or accessed a shared document from your mobile device at a public place? Even these simple things we wouldn’t think twice about can put sensitive data at risk. We will provide insight into everyday vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of as well as what you can do to protect yourself, and your company.  Marcum will provide tips on how you can minimize risks from both physical and cyber threats while traveling.

Use of Tech and IT in a Small Manufacturing Firm
Speaker: Scott D. Stevens, PE, Dimension Fabricators

In the manufacturing world, competitive pressures can be relentless in forcing upgrades in capabilities while limiting costs. At Dimension Fabricators in Scotia NY, we have adapted wireless communication on the manufacturing floor, added scanners for paperless recording of production data and thru a special Sharepoint – ADNET effort, we have utilized custom software to streamline our measurement and documentation of quality efforts. Scott Stevens will offer some suggestions and real-world examples of the IT things Dimension has done to outshine the competition.

11:15AM – 12:00PM
Breakout Sessions

Augmented Reality for Business using the Microsoft Hololens
Speaker: Ted Dinsmore, SphereGen

You have seen and heard how Augmented Reality changed the gaming world – think Pokemon Go. Now see how Augmented Reality can change your business world using the Microsoft Hololens. Imagine workspace collaboration on a whole new level when professionals in different locations can simultaneously view objects or designs in 3D, applied to the actual physical space where they reside. Apply this concept in Construction, Manufacturing, and Machine Repair. In this interactive session, see how Augmented Reality can change YOUR business!

What We Can All Learn from the Payment Card Industry
Speaker: Robert Coro, Marcum LLP

Regardless of the industry you are in or compliance requirements you may be subject to, the way the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standardizes the protection of sensitive information can benefit you. By applying these PCI-DSS best practices to your IT infrastructure, you can increase security at your organization. In this session, you’ll gain a high level understanding of PCI requirements and how they can impact everyone’s business – including yours!

The State of the Cyber Security Arms Race – Why Encrypted Threats should be your Top Priority
Speakers: Ken McCutchen and Shawn ReillySonicWall

2016 could be considered a highly successful year from the perspective of both security professionals and cyber criminals. Security teams leveraged groundbreaking technologies to successfully fend off attacks that would have devastated their organizations in years past. At the same time, there was a rise of new cyber threats that targeted organizations of all sizes and led to serious financial consequences for many.

As cybersecurity enters a new era of automated breach prevention, not just breach detection, security companies may begin to achieve even greater victories in the cyber arms race. But it’s ultimately up to the businesses at the center of the fight to ensure they’re armed for battle.

Please join SonicWALL’s senior security team for an informative update on the state of Cyber-Security as outlined in the SonicWALL Annual Threat Report, the exponential growth of Advanced Persistent Threats and the latest advanced breach detection and prevention measures being taken to help businesses protect themselves today and into the future.

12:00PM – 1:30PM
Lunch and Keynote Presentation

The Rise of the Smartphone-Fueled Social-Media-Addicted Workplace Zombies
Speaker: Daniel A. Schwartz, Shipman & Goodwin

There’s little doubt that smartphones and social media have revolutionized the workplace. But before workplaces can catch their breath, the technology continues to leap forward, resting for no one. Younger generations are embracing second and third-generation social media and texting apps like Snapchat in increasing numbers. But something is being lost too — personal interaction.  Why talk, when you can text your office mate next door? As a result, hackers are now taking advantage of this change in social norms with schemes that would never had succeeded a decade ago.

In this keynote address, noted Shipman & Goodwin employment law and data privacy partner Daniel Schwartz will take a look at the trends and offer practical solutions for companies to reduce their legal risks while still embracing new technologies.

1:45PM – 2:30PM
Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Microsoft O365: Beyond Email
Speakers: Andrew Warren and Danielle Hernandez, ADNET Technologies

Microsoft Office365 is often implemented by organizations to solve email challenges, but do you know about all of the exciting applications that Office365 gives you access to? Do you know how to use them to make your life easier? Join us for a glimpse into what you can accomplish with the array of apps within Office365, and learn how fully utilizing Office365 can help you collaborate easily, work more efficiently and focus on truly productive uses of your time.

Things Behaving Badly or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the THINGS
Speaker: Jason Appel, ADNET Technologies

Over the past few years, the Internet of Things, or IoT, has exploded into a market of that is estimated to be over $470 billion by 2020. With this rise has come a dramatic rise in IoT related security incidents…

  • Things can cause internet outages
  • Things are spying on our children
  • Things are spying on our living rooms
  • Things can cut brakes
  • And more…

Join us as we discuss and explore these issues, their causes, and where we go from here.

Digital Forensics Investigations: Insider Threats
Speaker: Kevin Baker, Marcum LLP

In today’s world with so much attention being paid to external threats, one of the largest risks to businesses is often overlooked. Insider threats still represent one of the most likely sources of fraud and data exfiltration. This session will explore how digital forensics can be used to investigate crimes committed by insiders.

2:45PM – 3:30PM
Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Planning a Successful Move to The Cloud
Speakers: Tim Charron, Eric Monda, Chris Florentino and Tim Weber, ADNET Technologies

Every successful move requires careful planning and coordination, and moving your data to the cloud is no exception. In this panel, our experts will share the most important things you need to know when planning your transition to cloud-based systems and applications. We’ll share the top business, technical and security considerations you should be aware of, common questions such as “How do we decide what data to keep,” “How do we back up our data in the cloud,” and “How do we protect our sensitive data?”

Internal Vulnerabilities: A Case Study of Pen Test Results
Speaker: Michael Taffe, Marcum LLP

From the many internal and external vulnerability scans, penetration tests and social engineering engagements Marcum has conducted, we have theorized that the majority of organizations focus more on their perimeter defenses, potentially neglecting internal opportunities for improved security.  Learn how improving internal security patching and providing security awareness training to your team can keep your business safe.

Shield your phones from the “Legion of Downtime”:
Cloud based voice services are your secret weapon against unexpected outages
Speaker: Rick Hamory, Intermedia

Picture this: You are on the phone about to close a deal, when suddenly the fire alarm goes off. You have to hang up and evacuate the building. It turns out the office next door has a gas leak and the whole building is being shut down for the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow, while the gas company comes in to fix it. Phones are the lifeblood of your business, so what happens when unexpected events take your system down for days or even weeks? These events can strike at any time and it’s time for you to protect yourself. Come to our session and learn why cloud-based voice services are your secret weapon against unexpected outages.

3:40PM – 5:00PM
Raffle Prize Drawing, Closing Remarks and Social Hour