Rob Thomas

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Rob Thomas is a master of business development having an 18-year career of growing and managing regional territories for Iron Mountain, Aflac and the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few.

Rob credits his success to his own brand of networking, which turns the adage, It’s not what you know, but who you know, into a new and actionable process.

Today, as a business consultant and creator of the Rob Thomas Method™ of Networking, Rob teaches and coaches business owners and sales people on how to grow business by identifying and building a network of effective relationships.

Rob also works with large organizations from C-level executives on down. He helps them employ the Rob Thomas Method as their internal networking process, to build stronger relationships and add value within the organization.

Two personal things about Rob, you might never otherwise know- He is an Eagle Scout and he once worked at Disney World.

Rob tells me he is currently working on his first book about his method. He is looking for a catchy title, so if after you hear him you have suggestions, he’d love to hear them!