Afternoon Keynote Presentation: Building the Best Places to Work

When business leaders work on strategic planning, they set goals for financial growth and operational improvement, but often overlook culture. Culture, which can also be described as the personality or identity of your organization, may seem intangible and immeasurable. However, culture can be seen and felt; it can be measured and it can be influenced. Your company culture is the glue that holds your team together, and the future of your business depends on the strength of that bond.

A toxic culture is expensive to maintain; it contributes to low productivity, accelerates employee turnover and stifles innovation. In contrast, a great culture attracts and retains top talent, makes employees feel valued and allows them to share in the vision of the company. What you offer is now more than just a job that pay the bills, it’s a purpose for working toward a common goal.

In this keynote presentation, Tim Weber will examine the essential elements to a great culture and share simple ways to take a pulse on yours. He’ll share the steps to building and nurturing a culture that keeps your employees motivated and happy and ultimately, helps your business thrive.

Speakers: Tim Weber, Infrastructure Services Manager, ADNET Technologies

Track: Business Strategy Sessions