What’s the biggest risk to your business? It’s not cyber-security threats, malware, or hackers – it’s the financial effect those have on your business.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are rampant when we talk about IT networks and security. Threats are constantly coming towards your business in several different forms. They are evolving faster than the tools designed to protect you. Why? Because there is a ton of money to be made by criminals and very little that law enforcement can do about it.

Join Datto as they go beyond backup and discuss all of the threats that exist and jeopardize your business operations. Datto will talk about having a viable backup plan when you inevitably get attacked by the potential threats. Your backup plan needs to not only get you back online, but save you the money that could potentially be lost, and in some cases, even drive you out of business. You will also walk away from the session with a free tool that will allow you to calculate your cost of business interruption, per hour.

Speakers: Christine Gassman, Manager of Partner Development, DATTO, Inc.

Track: Technology Sessions