Mark Presti

Product Specialist, Brocade

Mark Presti is a Product Specialist in the Office of the CTO at Brocade and is Brocade’s open networking evangelist who’s passionate about emergent technologies and the risks/rewards they offer.  Whether presenting to large audiences or consulting with small teams, Mark challenges top executives and engineers to help they make better decisions about the technology that underpins the success of their enterprises, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success they desire from advanced technologies.  Mark’s areas of expertise include: Network & Ethernet Fabrics, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Designed Networks (SDN), Cloud Orchestration, and Open Networking.  Mark’s latest project has been working to get Brocade products approved as Best in Breed solutions by the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project, a university-industry collaboration designed to create a new public cloud infrastructure to spur big data innovation.  MOC’s desire is to establish a marketplace where hardware capacity, software and services can be supplied, purchased, and resold by many participants.  The MOC will provide a range of services, including infrastructure as a service, which offers on-demand access to virtual machines, as well as application development and big data platform services via the cloud.